Library Covid-19 Plan

Library Reopening Plan – full plan



Library Reopening Plan

Madrid Public Library



Since March 16, 2020 the Madrid Public Library has been closed due to the COVID-19 virus. On Monday, April 27, 2020 Governor Kim Reynolds is allowing some businesses to open to the public on May 1, 2020. This list includes libraries (which are classified as non-essential) but all businesses must follow social distancing and other guidelines to help minimized the spread of the virus.  The library is planning to reopen by using tiers of modified operations in order to balance safety and service for staff and patrons.

The Madrid Library will employ best practices in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Such as social distancing (keeping 6 feet between patrons and staff), enhanced cleaning & disinfecting of surfaces and posting signs reminding patrons of handwashing and social distancing.

This document is a guide for reopening and may change as public health guidance evolves.



This tier represents the library in shutdown mode. Community travel restrictions are in place by the governor’s proclamation and the library is closed to nonessential business.  Library staff continue to be paid, but will work remotely to maintain an online presence, do professional development, plan new or alternative services and write grants. Some staff, if allowed by the director, will work in the library on other essential library tasks.  The director will come into the library to perform daily essential tasks.

The library building is closed to the public.  Patrons are not allowed in the building.  The physical collection is closed.  Patrons are allowed to return items to the outside book drop.  Due dates are extended and fines are waived during the closure.  Patrons are allowed to access digital resources.  Staff will promote these resources through the library’s website and Facebook page.  All programming and public use of the meeting room are canceled.  Some passive library programs will be offered online by staff.

Physical services (outreach) are closed along with the facility.  Staff will answer emails and will respond to Facebook messages as necessary.  Voicemail will be answered in a timely manner.



This tier represents the first level of modified operations.  The library is not open as a public space, but curbside service is available.  A detailed employee procedure list will be developed for curbside service.  Staff will work in the building but will maintain social distancing during the course of normal work. Cloth masks and disposable gloves will be made available and worn by staff. Regular hand washing/sanitizing will be followed.  A health screening will be performed before any shift worked.  Employees will be sent home if they have a cough, sore throat or fever of 100.4º or higher. Before that employee returns to work they must pass certain guidelines.  If an employee does feel ill, the director needs to be notified at least an hour before the shift begins.   Staff will perform enhanced hygiene measures like wiping keyboards and workstations regularly.  Only 1 staff member will work at a workstation at a time to prevent cross contamination.  Staff will be on a modified schedule.

The physical collection is partially available.  The library fulfills holds for patrons.  Holds may be placed online or by phone. Holds made by 4 pm on Mondays will be available for pick up on Tuesday between 12 pm – 6 pm.  Holds made by 4 pm on Wednesdays will be available for pick up on Thursdays from 12-6 or on Friday from 12-4.  Materials will be bagged up with the patron’s name on them and either placed outside the library, depending on the weather, or inside the library’s lobby for pick up during the designated pickup times.  If there are multiple patrons picking up at the same time, patrons are to wait at the designated marked sidewalk areas to maintain social distancing.  Interlibrary loans are not available at this time. Outreach services are not available.  No material donations will be accepted. Patrons are to return all library materials in the outside book drop.  Items will be checked in and disinfected, but will be put into quarantine for 72 hours (as recommended by the New England Journal of Medicine) before recirculation.

Programs and the meeting room will remained closed.  Some online programs may be offered.



This tier is the second level of modified operations.  The library will open but will only allow 10 people inside at a time.  Staff will continue to follow the guidelines as stated in tier 2.  A detailed employee procedure list will be developed for this tier level.  The library will have reduced hours.  The hours will be Monday through Thursday from 10am-6pm and 10am-4pm on Fridays.  Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for vulnerable patrons to come to the library from 10am-11am.

The library will not be available as a “gathering place” to sit and linger. Signs will be posted throughout the building asking patrons to social distance, and if feeling ill not enter library at all.  Patrons are encouraged to pick out materials and check out in a timely manner to help the library serve as many patrons as possible.  Newspapers will not be available to read within the library as there is no way to properly disinfect them after use.  Magazines will only be available for check out, not to use in-house. Materials that have been touched should be placed in baskets that are available throughout the library.  Patrons are not to re-shelve items on their own.  Touched items will need to be disinfected and quarantined. Tape on the floor will mark a safe distance to wait before being helped at the circulation desk.  An acrylic screen has been installed at the circulation desk to provide a sneeze barrier.  A modified self-check out will be available. Staff will bring up an account and patrons will hold and scan their selected material themselves.  Patrons will be asked if they would like a printed receipt. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves, staff will disinfect the self-check out area after each transaction. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front doors, circulation desk and other areas within the library for patrons to use.  Only 1 staff member will work at the circulation desk at a time.  All returns must be made in the outside book drop and will be taken care of as described in the tier 2 employee procedure list.  Homebound patrons can call the library and ask for a delivery of items.  The library will deliver 5 items to a patron’s home.  This service is for patrons who live in town only and will only be done on Thursday afternoons.  Items will be placed in bags and dropped off outside of the patron’s front door.  Returns will not be picked up, patrons will have to return items in the outside book drop. Homebound patrons will need to contact the library for this service.  Curbside service will continue and will be expanded.  Items will need to be requested before 6 pm for pick up the following day. Interlibrary loan service will be evaluated on a weekly basis to see if materials can be found.

Computer use at the public access computers will be limited to 30 minutes once a day.  Wi-Fi is available to anyone outside the library for any amount of time as long as social distancing is followed.  4 of the 8 public access computers will be available for use to ensure a 6 foot distance between patrons.  Printing from the public access computers will be allowed, but staff will retrieve documents from the copiers not the public. There will be no one on one help from staff at the computers at this time.   Staff will wipe down computers after a patron has used a computer and before another patron can use it. If a patron needs copies, faxes or scans they will be done by staff only.  Patrons are encouraged to send documents to and then printed off and paid for to reduce public access computer usage.

Children under 6, as per the safe child policy, should be supervised by an adult due to extra staff responsibilities and safety concerns.  There will be no toys, puzzles, gaming systems, iPads or other activities available during this time.   Children will not be allowed to congregate in groups inside/outside the library.  Social distancing will be enforced.  Children are encouraged to browse for library materials, check out and leave.  All patrons will be allowed in the library only once a day.

Furniture will be removed except for computer chairs to discourage lounging. The meeting room will not be available. The restrooms will not be available for public use.  Programs will be planned on a month to month basis. Some outreach services may be available.  Smaller in-person programs may begin as long as 10 patrons or fewer attend.  Sign-ups for any in-person programs will be enforced.  Some online programs will be offered.  Material donations will not be accepted.

*Addition added 08/18/2020*

The library will provide 2 hour time slots for patrons who need to use the internet for work related duties or essential projects.  Each person will be allowed one 2 hour session per day. These time slots will be by appointment only during library hours.  Patrons must provide their own device for this service and cannot bring any guests with them.   Staff will disinfect the area before the next patron.  We ask that patrons stay in the designated area for this service and follow the library’s guidelines while inside the building.



The library is open and has returned to normal hours. Fewer restrictions but not full services. Relaxed physical distancing protocols but no large events or gatherings. Toys and other shared items will be evaluated on a case to case basis before returned to the children’s area.  Furniture replacement will be evaluated as well.  Patrons will be able to stay for an extended period of time but may need to continue social distancing.  Returns can be done at both book drops.  Interlibrary loan will resume.  Outreach services will resume.  Small donations will be accepted.

Meeting Room is available with limited capacity.  Programs may continue to be modified, some online programs may still be possible.  Sign-ups for programs may still be enforced.



No social distancing requirements remain. Large groups can gather.  The library returns to normal operating hours and procedures.



The library looks forward to serving the city and rural patrons again.  This plan covers a variety of levels to ensure safety of patrons and staff.  Modification of this plan is possible due to unpredictable circumstances. This is a fluid plan, subject to change as needed.




Tier 1 and 2 approved by the Library Trustees – April 29, 2020

Tier 3 approved by the Library Trustees – May 12, 2020

Reviewed – June 9, 2020 (maintaining tier 3 procedures)

Reviewed – July 14, 2020 (maintaining tier 3 procedures but re-opening the restrooms to the public)

Reviewed – August 18, 2020 (maintaining tier 3 procedures with the addition of computer appointments for longer time limits for essential/work projects)

Reviewed – September 8, 2020 (maintaining tier 3 procedures with the additions from July and August)

Reviewed – October 13, 2020 (maintaining current procedures, no changes)

Reviewed – November 10, 2020 (maintaining tier 3 procedures but will be open until 5:30 pm on Fridays)

Reviewed – December 8, 2020 (maintaining current procedures, no changes)

Reviewed – January 12, 2021 (maintain current procedures, no changes)

Reviewed – February 9, 2021 (tier 3 procedures but some furniture will be returned, quarantined items will be from 3 days to 1 day)

Reviewed – March 10, 2021 (tier 3 procedures will be open on Saturdays starting March 27 from 10-1 pm.)