Library Agenda – November 12, 2019

Agenda for posting – November 12, 2019



Madrid Public Library Board of Trustees’ Meeting:

November 12, 2019 – Tuesday, 5:30 pm


Call to order/Roll Call

Approve Agenda

Approval of Minutes:  October 8, 2019

Approval of Bills

Financial Report

Receipts for the month of:  October

Circulation Reports for the month of: October

Public Concerns:

Correspondence and Communications

More Ebook and digital audiobook changes – Publishers Weekly articles and State Library email

Direct State Aid


Unfinished Business

Meeting room chairs


Library logo


New Business

Trustee training – Transparent Language database review

Employee evaluations – Stephanie Fogarty and Janna Allbee

IA Shares – new courier service for Iowa libraries

Bridges cost increase

Library Board Meeting dates for 2020

Boone County Supervisors Meeting


Director’s Reports


Silent Auction

Christmas Extravaganza



Board Comments

Next Council Meeting: December 7th at 8 am



Next board meeting scheduled for: December 10, 2019