Labor Day Minutes – April 2, 2019

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Madrid Labor Day Board
Regular Meeting
April 2nd 2019 6:06pm

The Labor Day Board meeting was called to order at 6:06pm Present at Roll Call: Lacey Ortiz, Sadie Williams, Carson Skinner Advisors present: Chuck Rigby

Motion to approve meeting agenda by Carson Skinner, seconded by Sadie Williams Ayes: All Present

Motion to approve meeting minutes by Sadie Williams, seconded by Carson Skinner Ayes: All Present

Jordan and Paul form JP Rentals were invited to visit with the Labor Day Board with recommendations from Chuck Rigby. Paul presented three estimates for the board comprised of different items. Note: Each of these estimate packages comes fully-staffed with 10 hours of staffing per day for a two-day festival. JP Rentals has liability insurance and an umbrella policy to cover all staff and participants. All prices includes any travel fees associated with JP Rentals.

  • Package 1: Priced at $3259 and includes
    • One 65 ft obstacle course in a red, yellow and blue color scheme (65×12)
    • One inflatable bobbing for apples game (40×12)
    • One (New as of 2018) Bouncing Barnyard with a slide exit for crowd control (20x16x17)
    • One Zoo Playland specifically for ages 5 and Described as a safe place to “bounce without being bounced” (19×19)
  • Package 2: Priced at $3359 and includes
    • One 22 ft dual giant slide
    • One 45 ft Obstacle course which is similar to the obstacle course in package one but has one less
    • One Wrecking Ball 4-player game
    • One Bouncing Barnyard
      • Note: some items can be swapped for another such as Barnyard for Zoo Playland
    • Package 3: Priced at $3959 and includes
      • The only Toxic Drop obstacle course in the state of Iowa (78×12)
      • One Wrecking Ball 4-player game
      • Bouncing Barnyard or 18ft Slide
      • One Zoo Playland specifically for ages 5 and under (19×19)
        • This package was recommended by advisor Chuck Rigby


Board members also asked JP Rentals about the possibility to bring spin art to the Labor Day festival as well. JP has two spin art machines which each have dual bays totaling to four spin art stations.Pricing consists of $150/each machine and includes 50 5×7 cards ($300/both machines and 100 cards total). JP did mention that a 50% deposit is required.

The board will make a decision on the package they will recommend next meeting and will take it to City Council after.

The board discussed the advertisement for Grand Marshall in the Madrid Newspaper which will print April 3rd-May free of charge.

Advisor Chuck Rigby agreed to speak with the tent rental company from previous years in the upcoming weeks.

Carson Skinner made a motion to approve the hiring of Dan Greers with Zounds for $650 and 6 hours of balloon work. This also includes “Bird Man” walking in the parade. Motion was seconded by Sadie Williams. Lacey will contact Zounds and send the information to Mary Jo Ayes: All Present

New Business consisted of event planning for the teenage crowd. The board discussed the possibility of a Fortnite tournament at Ice Cream Daddy or something of the like. Ideas will be thought about and re-touched next meeting

Lacey brought up the concern of tenant parking for the weekend. It was mentioned that Jason Springer may have parking open and will be further investigated. It was also noted it would benefit the city, tenants, and board if landlords attend a Board Meeting to discuss options.

Correspondence was reviewed again for Grand Marshall. It was also noted that there is a $100 gift card coming from Mike Redeker for Redekers in Boone.

Finally, the board reviewed and signed the Cold Filtered contract. Other bands being discussed include Rivieras (50s-60s) for Sunday, and King Of The Hill for Saturday.

Motion to adjourn the Board meeting by Carson Skinner, seconded by Sadie Williams

Meeting Adjourned at 7:46pm