Inclement Weather and Unplanned Closing Policy


The Madrid Library wants its staff and patrons to feel safe when visiting the library.  Consequently there are times when severe weather or extreme building problems force the library to close.


  • The director is responsible for closing the library due to unsafe conditions. When a decision is made, the director will have the staff post signs informing the public of the closing.
  • During inclement weather the time the library will open will depend on the storm. If conditions are severe, the director will make the decision on whether or not to open.  The library does NOT follow the same closings as the Madrid School District.  A decision on whether or not the library will open will be made by 10 am.  If the conditions are severe and the library doesn’t open, the director will post the closure on the library’s website and Facebook account.  If the library is closed, staff does not have to risk conditions to post a sign on the exterior doors.
  • If the library director decides to close early due to inclement weather, the library will post a sign on the exterior doors, notifying patrons of the closure. The library will also post early closures on its website and Facebook account.  If the library does close early, the staff will not leave until all patrons have vacated the area.
  • If the library does have an unplanned closure, fines will be waived for the day/days of closure.
  • A staff member concerned for their safety, who chooses not to travel to work, or chooses to leave work before their shift is over may do so after notifying the director.
  • If a staff member chooses not to work during his or her shift due to inclement weather conditions, the staff member will not receive pay for hours missed. Employees may make up lost time during the same pay period or use vacation/personal time. If an employee wants to make up lost time during the same pay period it will be at the discretion of the library director.
  • The safety of library patrons is important. Staff should not leave the building until all of the patrons have vacated the area.
  • If the Madrid School District closes for inclement weather all planned programs at the library will be canceled. Cancellations of programs will be posted on the library website and Facebook account.


When threatening weather conditions exist, staff shall monitor the weather through a reliable website such as KCCI or Willard’s Weather Page (  If a tornado watch (conditions right for a tornado) or a warning (tornado sighted) has been issued the staff will follow the procedures listed below.


In the event of a tornado warning the staff should:

  • Announce that a tornado has been sighted in the immediate area (Example: There is a tornado warning in effect for our area. We ask that you calmly evacuate to our safe area until the warning is over.)  Safe areas include the restrooms and furnace room.
  • Direct patrons to the designated “safe area.”
  • Staff should view the entrance to direct any incoming patrons to the safe area.
  • Make sure all patrons are in the safe area – usher unattended children to safety.
  • Announce when the threat is over.

In the event of a tornado watch staff should:

  • Announce that a tornado watch has been issued for our county
  • Let patrons know you will be monitoring the situation.
  • Note how many patrons are in the library and where they are.
  • Take names and phone numbers of the unattended children in the library and call the parents notifying them where their children are.

Power Outages

If there is a power outage, library staff is responsible for ushering any patrons safely out of the building.  Without power, patrons can be hurt within the library, so it is vital that no one but library staff remain in the building.  If an outage occurs during a storm patrons are to stay in the main lobby for their safety and not ushered outdoors.  Staff will remain in the library building until the power has returned, but if an outage has lasted longer than two hours, the library will close for the rest of the day.  A sign will be posted on the exterior door notifying patrons of the reason of the closure.

Adopted – January 2010

Revised & Adopted – April 2013, July 2016