MPD Blotter Feb 19 – Feb 25, 2018



Officer was called to the Madrid Historical Society for an alarm.  Turned out to be a false alarm, after one of the staff members entered the wrong code.

Officer was called to the Market of Madrid for a vehicle unlock.

Officer did a civil stand-by to get property for a subject arrested from last night.  Officer took (3) firearms into holding per a judge’s order until the case is settled.

Officer received a call of an open door on a property on North Main Street.

Officer took fingerprints for a subject in an identity theft case.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a boat blocking a City alley.  Owner stated that he would get it moved after he fixed the tires that were damaged.

Officer took a harassment complaint from a Madrid resident after receiving text messages all night from an ex-girlfriend.  Officer called the other half and gave them a warning to not have contact with the subject.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference someone walking their dog in the 100 and 200 Block of South Union, allowing it to go to the bathroom and not picking it up.  Officer reminds residents that you must carry a bag and pick up all droppings left by your animal.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a scam phone call he received from someone claiming to be the IRS.  Officers want to remind residents that the IRS will never call you so if they say they are with the IRS, it is a scam and just hang up.

Officer was notified by a subject of a suspicious letter found in their mailbox.  Officer and staff at the Post Office were able to determine the letter to not be a threat and everything checked OK.


Officer assisted a Madrid Landlord with a background check on a possible tenant.

Officer was dispatched to an emergency medical call in the 300 Block of North Water Street for a subject having a heart attack.

Officer followed up on a request to remove property from a city alley.  The property had been removed.

Officer was called to a suspicious person walking behind Casey’s after dark.  It was determined this person was waiting for a family member, whom worked at Casey’s, shift to end to pick her up.  Everything checked OK.


Officer received a request for a City Council Member in another small City, for copies of the junk vehicle and dangerous building ordinance.  Officer forwarded him the information.

Officer spoke to an out of town subject reference a welfare check on her son.  The address given was in Polk County so the correct phone number was given so the check could be done. Officer received a follow up call that stated everything checked out OK.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who had questions concerning a no contact order.

Officer responded to a residence in the 400 block of Newton Road in reference to a verbal domestic dispute.


Officer responded to the Milwaukee Street apartments to speak with a young man (13 years old) reference threats he made to another student at the Creston Middle School in Creston. Officer passed along the information to a Creston PD Sergeant to follow up with the school.


Officer assisted with a medical call at the Locust Street apartments.

Officer returned a call to a male that Madrid Police arrested last week on a domestic assault call. He had questions reference a child custody dispute. Officer referred the man to seek the advice of his attorney in the matter.


Officer unlocked a vehicle at the Fire Dept.

Officer was requested to do a welfare check on a juvenile.  Officer located juvenile and transported to the 500 block of South Market Street and released to parents.

Officer followed up with the call on 2-23 to ensure that Creston PD contacted them and made arrangements with the school. The parents advised they did and all the parents are now involved.