Fax Policy

The Madrid Public Library provides a fax service for the general public.  The fax number is 515-795-3697 and is operated by library staff.  This service is available for sending and receiving material during the hours the library is open.  Patrons must be in the library to send a fax.  The library is not responsible for the kinds of material sent or received on the fax machine.  If the service is abused, a patron may be denied use of the fax by the library director.  A patron should notify the library as soon as possible if they are expecting to receive an incoming fax.  The library will attempt to notify patrons that their fax has been received.  Timely retrieval of the fax is required and payment is expected at the time of pickup.  The library is not responsible for successful receipt by the destination fax nor is the library responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from the use of the fax machine.  Library staff may use the fax for professional library activities at no charge but if it is for personal use the staff must pay regular fees for each page being sent or received.


Fees are indicated below; these fees are determined by the library board and will be adjusted as needed.  Fees will be paid when the fax is sent.

Local and long distance numbers are .50 per page (no charge for the cover page).

International numbers are $5.00 per page.

Incoming faxes are .50 per page (no charge for cover page).


Approved by the Board of Trustees – March 2012

Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees – September 2015