Dalander Park/Johnson Family Trailhead Prairie Burn

The City of Madrid has hired a professional firm, Prudenterra, based in Nevada, Iowa to perform prescribed fire management on the prairie area near the Dalander Park/Johnson Family Trailhead at 3rd St & Highway 17.

Prescribed burns are deliberate, strategic burns ignited and monitored by trained natural resource land managers.  They are conducted only if weather conditions are favorable and winds are not a concern.  Observers should remain a safe distance from the fire – clear of smoke, and away from staff and equipment.

Prairie burns help manage weeds and undesirable hardwood brush, enhance native plant growth, and improve wildlife habitat.

Prudenterra has about 10 years of experience using this management practice in Iowa.  The company owner, Luke Gran, is a Certified Forester by the Society of American Foresters and insured with Prescribed burn liability coverage by AssuredPartners NL out of Columbia, South Carolina.

Prudenterra will burn the trailhead prairie between the dates of November 1, 2017 and May 15, 2018.

They have applied for and have been issued a permit by the City of Madrid to conduct this burn.  They have a written burn plan that has been approved and they have made arrangements to ensure the fire is conducted with the greatest of care not to cause harm with smoke issues or damage to public or private property.  Please stop by City Hall, during business hours, if you would like to view a copy of the burn plan.

If you have concerns or questions, please share them with the City of Madrid at (515)795-3930.

IMPORTANT – If you see the burn in progress DO NOT approach the area and DO NOT interfere with the team managing the fire.

For more information on the role of fire in managing wildlife habitat found in prairie, wetlands, or woods, see www.IowaPrairienetwork.org or http://iowanativeplants.org/index.php or contact your local County Conservation staff.
Click Here – to download and print a map of the burn area


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