Applications, Forms & Permits

Citizen Complaint Form – Form

The Citizen Complaint Form allows a citizen to register/file a formal complaint with the City of Madrid regarding the Madrid Police Department.  The complaint form must be completed and signed by the complainant and hand-delivered or mailed to the City Clerk at 304 S. Water St, Madrid.  If you have any questions, contact City Hall at (515)795-3930.

Community Room Rental Agreement – Application

If you are interested in renting the Madrid Community Room, please contact City Hall to determine if your date is available.  We will tentatively hold your event date while awaiting receipt of your rental agreement.  If the agreement and fees are not received at least 14 days prior to your tentatively scheduled event date, the date will be opened up for any other renter and you could lose your rental spot.

Vacation Security Check Request – Form

Going on vacation? Leaving town for work?  Fill out the Vacation Security Check Request form and return to the Madrid Police Department.  Madrid officer’s will keep an eye on your premises until you return.

City of Madrid Application for Employment – Application

The City of Madrid only takes Applications for Employment when a position is open.  Complete the application, print and return to City Hall at 304 S. Water St., Madrid.

Solicitor Permit – Application

All applicant(s) will be required to provide a personal surety bond in the amount of $1000.  In addition, applicant(s) will be charged a $10 Application Processing fee AND:

  • $50 – One day per person
  • $100 – One week per person
  • $250 – Up to six months per person
  • $500 – Six months to one year per person

After the solicitor paperwork is completed, all solicitors are required to stop into City Hall WITH a valid driver’s license.  The police department will run each solicitor through a background check.  If the solicitor’s pass, they will received a stamped, imprinted pass with their name that they can show to the members of our community if asked….and believe us… they will ask to see that permit!  Solicitor permits allow soliciting between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM only.

If any person or group is found to be soliciting without a background check or a stamped, imprinted pass, they will be escorted out of town, along with the entire soliciting group, if applicable, and not allowed to return as a solicitor within the Madrid community ***No Exceptions***

Trade Permit – Application

A trade permit application is required for ANY mechanical, plumbing, or electrical work for both new construction and home remodels.  Costs are $75.00 per trade permit and fees must be paid before Safe Building will inspect any work. All trade work (HVAC, plumbing, electrical MUST be inspected after work is completed).  Additional permits may be required with some trade permit requests.

Building Permit – Application

A building permit application is required for ANY new construction, remodel or property addition within the Madrid city limits.  Fees are determined by Safe Building and City Hall will contact you with the fee amount once the permit has been approved.  Please be sure you are ready to proceed with your build because once a building permit has been turned into City Hall, the homeowner is responsible for ALL permitting fees, EVEN in the event that the build doesn’t happen.  Building permits are good for 180 days.  Inspections ARE REQUIRED and the list of REQUIRED inspections can be found on page two of the building permit application.

Water Deposit – Application

The form required by the City of Madrid for all new residents before the can have water service. A refundable $100 deposit is held for 2 years, assuming a good pay history. If the pay history is variable (6 or more late payments), we hold it for a rolling two year period.

ACH Direct Debit Enrollment Form – Application

The application and a voided check is required to enroll in auto payments. Once completed and returned to City Hall with the voided check, we will enroll the customer and their utility payments will be debited from their checking account on the 15th of every month (or the following Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend)

Tax Abatement Form – Application

Applications must be completed and returned to City Hall.  Applications will be presented at the first Council meeting of each month.  If your tax abatement is approved, the applicant MUST contact the Boone County Assessor at (515)433-0508 to inspect the property before the abatement will be applied.

Properties located on Southern Prairie Drive, Commerce Drive, Park View Ln or the Tiger Run Development are located within TIF districts and are not eligible for tax abatement.

Planning & Zoning Request Form – Application

Any request for Planning & Zoning must be submitted in writing with a completed P&Z Request form. The completed form and any supporting documentation must returned to City Hall. The completed application will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Board, and if applicable, to the City Council.

Freedom of Information Records Request Form –Application

The City of Madrid’s Freedom of Information Records Request Policy can be found here.  Please complete the Freedom of Information Records Request Application and return to the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.  You may also email to or contact City Hall at (515) 795-3930.

Animal Licenses

You may obtain an Annual Dog and Cat License from City Hall (proof of rabies vaccination is needed) for a $5.00 fee per animal per year.  All dogs and cats within the city limits are required to be licensed.  If you have any questions, please stop by City Hall or call us at (515) 795-3930.