City Council Minutes-February 19, 2018

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Madrid City Council
Regular Meeting
February 19, 2018
5:30 p.m.
The City Council meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Dirk Ringgenberg presiding.

Present at Roll Call: Nate Samples, Kurt Kruse, Val Chapman, Dave Cook and Lane Shaver.

Other City Officials Present: City Clerk Mary Jo Reese, Deputy City Clerk Deb Biegger, Public Works Director Scott Church, Police Chief Rick Tasler, Library Director Angie Strong, City Treasurer Don Fatka, City Attorney John Jordan, Fire Chief Jim Murry, Labor Day Committee Chairperson Chuck Rigby, and Park Board Member Dualla Carlson.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Kruse to approve the agenda for February 19, 2018.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Kruse to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes of February 5, 2018, the Planning and Zoning Meeting minutes of February 8, 2018 and the Library Meeting minutes of January 9, 2018 by consent agenda.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Samples, seconded by Councilperson Shaver to approve the claims for February 19, 2018 in the amount of $ 71,002.76.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Peter Englund of 309 East 1st Street, Madrid approached the Council to express his support for creating an ordinance which would allow chickens within the city limits of Madrid.

Wade Thielen of 325 North Market Street, Madrid, also expressed his support of a proposed chicken ordinance. Thielen had heard that the city allowed two chickens at the current time. Mayor Ringgenberg clarified that chickens are not currently allowed in Madrid, but some cities do allow two chickens without them being classified as livestock.

Don Lincoln of 1672 334th Road, Madrid, updated the Council on the planned Main Street bike entrance display. The Friends of the Trail have located a box culvert which will be used to build a coal mine entrance.

Melissa Johnson, commercial specialist with Midwest Insurance, advised she has reviewed the EMC insurance the city currently has through Larson Agency. She explained the process EMC uses to determine whether to proceed with a court case or settle out of court. She also stated she sees progress in training by the police department which helps to lower insurance rates.

Chuck Rigby of the Madrid Labor Day Committee stated work has started on this year’s Labor Day Celebration.

Library Director Angie Strong presented the State Library Report to the Council. The report shows what libraries throughout the state are doing, and how library money is being spent. Strong stated accreditation for the Madrid Library has been completed. She also commented on a recent visit from the State Librarian.

Strong advised she applied for a grant from the Community Chest. Money from the grant is used for the summer reading program at the library.

Strong commented on a recent computer problem at the library which has been resolved, and that she was given her annual review by the Library Board.

Upcoming programs at the library include book discussion, adult coloring, early out video game afternoon, and outreach to Tiger Tots and Lily Pad Day care centers.

Fire Chief Jim Murry reported the results of the election of fire department officers, stating the assistant fire chief is Scott Maddux, fire co-captains Jim Terrell and Adam Ostert, Fire Lieutenant Daniel Herrstrom, Fire Rescue Captain, Mike Farrell, and Rescue Lieutenant will be Suzanne Higgins.

Murry advised the department will hold harassment training on April 10th in the Community Room. Any City employees are invited to attend the training.

Public Safety Director Rick Tasler asked the Council to approve the purchase of Lexipol training program for the police department. Cost of the program is $2,697 and allows for a reduction in insurance rates. The program cost also includes updating of the policy and procedure manuals for the department. Motion by Councilperson Samples, seconded by Councilperson Chapman to approve the purchase of the program.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Tasler reported on upcoming training for members of the police department, including leadership training for himself. Officer Mackey will become trained to be a computer crimes specialist. He also clarified an issue that was discussed at a previous City Council Meeting involving his departments EMR training. He stated that police officers are not allowed to become certified EMR personnel due to liability issues.

Tasler advised the camera system has been installed in Tahoe police vehicle. He has applied for a grant which if received, would pay for another updated camera. Tasler stated part time officer Neal Cooley has retired from the department due to a conflict with his fulltime employment.

Tasler stated the Crown Victoria police vehicle, which is his take home vehicle, has received two new tires that were donated by another department. Tasler pays for fuel and expenses associated with that vehicle, which is used to respond to emergencies outside of his normal working hours. The vehicle is equipped with lights and sirens.

Tasler advised all training files for department members have been updated and he will be holding monthly Police Department meetings with all officers and representatives of the City Council. Tasler will also be attending monthly meetings with the County Supervisors.

Tasler explained to the Council how they are utilizing the space within the fire department for police vehicles during inclement weather.

Tasler advised the Council the department now has a Facebook page where items of interest to the community will be posted. The police blotter will be sent to all Councilmembers before it is published in the newspaper. Tasler also met with Brian Horn of Madrid Schools concerning active shooter training. Both the high school and elementary school personnel and students have been trained on how to react if an emergency should arise at the school.

Deputy City Clerk Deb Biegger stated an item from the Planning and Zoning meeting held on February 8th was tabled. Roger Wheeler, a developer has asked that the two empty lots behind Dollar General on Southern Prairie Drive, be rezoned from Commercial to Residential. Mayor Ringgenberg suggested the Council may want to consider the rezoning at a future date. The matter will be revisited once Planning and Zoning has time to review the proposal.

Public Works Director Scott Church reminded the public to remove their vehicles from the streets during times of snow or ice. He advised that during snow removal or ice treatment, the main areas of town are plowed or treated first, with the remaining residential or outlying areas treated or plowed next.

Church discussed a problematic alleyway on the west side of town. Adjacent property owners are upset that a local resident continues to drive through the grass alleyway, causing mud holes, even though no garages need access through the alley. Church feels the alley should remain open for emergency vehicles and any dispute between neighbors is a civil matter.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Cook to approve a request for renewal of Liquor License from Dollar General Store.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Cook, seconded by Councilperson Shaver to approve a request from Boone Area Humane Society to renew the service contract with the city for FY 18-19.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve a FY 17-18 LOST donation to A.S.S.i.S.T, (After Prom) for $500.
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Mayor Ringgenberg read a Mayoral Proclamation recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the Municipal Home Rule in Iowa.

Motion by Councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve a renewal of contract from Mosquito Control of Iowa for mosquito spraying in the amount of $4,685.00
Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

The Council reviewed information from Boone County Chamber of Commerce for membership consideration. The Council will discuss the matter at a later date.

City Clerk Mary Jo Reese stated there will be a special City Council meeting on February 26th at 5:00 p.m. to review the budget for FY 18-19 and set the date for the public hearing in the matter.

John Jordan stated he will be meeting with John Danos of Dorsey and Whitney regarding renewal of the Urban Revitalization Plan. Jordan recommends a moratorium on tax abatement applications until the matter is settled. The Council will decide on tax abatement possibilities at a later date.

Councilperson Kruse reported he attended a recent legislative day at the State Capital. He wrote a grant application to Boone County Endowment. If received the money would help pay for replacement of the front door at the SAM center and other improvements to the building. On March 2, 2018, he and others will be meeting with Huxcom to continue the dialog for bringing fiber optics to Madrid.

Councilperson Chapman thanked Public Works for their work on the roadways. She continues to gather input on the potential chicken ordinance.

Don Lincoln of 1672 334th Road spoke to the matter of tax abatement in Madrid. He stated tax abatement was the driving force behind the Maple Ridge development. He supports the continuation of tax abatement in Madrid.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Kruse to adjourn the meeting at 6:50 p.m.