February 1, 2020

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Madrid City Council
Regular Meeting
February 1, 2020
10:00 a.m.

The City Council meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with Mayor Tom Brown presiding.

Present at Roll Call: Nate Samples, Steve Burich, Marvin Ostrander, Chuck Rigby and Lane Shaver.

Other City Officials Present: City Clerk Mary Jo Reese, Public Works Director Scott Church, Fire Chief Randy Pecenka, Police Chief Rick Tasler, Library Director Angie Strong, Labor Day Committee member Melanie Samples, Parks and Recreation Board Chairperson Jolynne Carlson and Senior Associates Commission Chairperson Martha Furness.

Motion by Councilperson Rigby, second by Councilperson Shaver to approve the agenda for February 1, 2020.

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver             Motion Carried

No Councilmembers declared a conflict of interest.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, second by Councilperson Samples to approve the City Council meeting minutes of January 20, 2020.

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver             Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Samples, second by Councilperson Burich to approve the claims for February 1, 2020 in the amount of $ 46,577.29.

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver             Motion Carried

Robin Crabtree of 1976 330th Street, Madrid, approached the Council to discuss plans by the Friends of the Trail to move the coal miner display from its current location on Highway 17 to Dalander Park. Crabtree is part of a nonprofit committee that oversees the coal miner display and does not want to see it moved from its current location. Also present from the committee were Jim Janovick and Rick Isolini. She feels Friends of the Trail has not consulted with the coal miners committee before making this decision. Mayor Brown asked that a sub-group consisting of himself, two councilmembers, Friends of the Trail representatives, and the coal miners committee meet to discuss the matter at a later time.

Travis Risvold, President of the Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce shared the 2020 MAC schedule of events with Councilmembers. He also stated the Chamber is rolling out their 2020 membership drive. Participants do not need to be business owners to join the organization. Mayor Brown advised the corporate office of Community NeuroRehab has officially moved to Madrid.

Martha Furness of the Senior Activities Commission stated the commission is looking for new members. Interested persons can fill out a letter of interest on the Madrid website, madridiowa.org. She is currently doing some seasonal updates to the meeting room, and thanked the Public Works Director for having a new door installed in the back of the building.

Mel Samples of the Madrid Labor Day Commission reported their last meeting was held on January 28th in which they discussed issues that occurred during the last celebration. They also discussed supporting the bingo operation. Also discussed were ideas for new events for the celebration which would involve older teens and young adults. The next Labor Day Commission meeting will be held on February 11th. This commission is also looking for new volunteer members.

Library Director Angie Strong reported the total raised from the silent auction in December was $1,408. She also reported new chairs for the meeting room have been purchased and she will be selling the old chairs. The Library Board has set the schedule for holiday closings for 2020. Strong announced the library received a donation of $5,000 recently. She and the board will decide how to spend the donation. Upcoming programs at the library include Storytime, Pinterest Party, Books Discussion, Outreach, Chess Club, Family Board Game Night, and an Early Out program.

Jolynne Carlson of the Parks and Recreation Board advised she has the 2020 season mapped out for events at the park. She hopes to introduce a new program, “Get to know your neighbors.” She is currently booking talent for the “Food Truck Thursday’s” held by the Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce. Carlson is working with other community members to coordinate more adult leagues such as soccer, softball, horseshoes and disk golf. She is currently planning a large event for June 27th that would have a multi bands event with tickets purchased in advance. Money raised would go to the Save the Cabin Fund. Carlson advised the Council there is a new Eagle Scout project for this year where a special needs dual facing swing will be installed at Edgewood Park.

Police Chief Rick Tasler reported the fire department members are currently working to reorganize the fire station to allow for the parking of a police vehicle. He also reported on recent training attended by Officer Olmstead and himself.

The Council considered Resolution # 30-19-20, “Resolution to provide for a notice of hearing on proposed plans, specifications, form of contract, and estimate of cost for the wastewater treatment facility upgrade project, and the taking of bids thereafter.” The resolution sets the date for the hearing for March 7, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Bid openings for the project will take place on March 3, 2020. Motion by Councilperson Rigby, second by Councilperson Ostrander to approve Resolution # 30-19-20

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver              Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Samples, seconded by Councilperson Burich to approve an agreement with SEH Engineers to provide oversite for the wastewater treatment facility project.

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver              Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Ostrander, seconded by Councilperson Burich to enter into a 28E agreement to create the Safety Group of Central Iowa North. Public Works Director Scott Church advised this program in conjunction with IAMU will allow for a specific person to provide oversite and additional training for all city employees concerning safety matters. The program also provides for OSHA representation and reporting.

Ayes: Samples, Burich, Ostrander, Rigby, Shaver             Motion Carried

Church mentioned Alliant Energy is in town working on the line replacement program. He advised there may be minor inconveniences to citizens while the work is completed.

City Engineer, Perry Gjersvik advised street drawing and public infrastructure plans for the Tiger Run project is currently under review. Construction on the project is expected to begin in early spring.

Councilperson Shaver advised he and Mayor Brown met recently with representatives of Huxley Communications concerning bring fiber internet to Madrid. Unofficially, the company has made the decision to move forward with the project. Pending final approval by the board of HuxCom, installation is expected to begin early this year.

City Clerk, Mary Jo Reese advised the City has signed up for the “Nurse on Call” program offered free of charge through EMC insurance.

Mayor Brown stated there is one open case pending with the Iowa Public Information Board.

Becky Roorda of 804 West 2nd Street thanked the Council for pursing the fiber internet project within the City of Madrid.

All Councilpersons wished to compliment the public works employees for their hard work during the recent snow removal efforts. Motion by Councilperson Samples, second by Councilperson Ostrander to adjourn the meeting at 11:17 am.