City Council Minutes-April 2, 2018

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Madrid City Council
Regular Meeting
April 2, 2018
5:30 p.m.

The City Council meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Pro Tem Kurt Kruse presiding.

Present at Roll Call: Nate Samples, Val Chapman, Dave Cook and Lane Shaver.

Other City Officials Present: City Clerk Mary Jo Reese, Deputy City Clerk Deb Biegger, Public Works/Parks Director Scott Church, Public Safety Director Rick Tasler, Fire Chief Jim Murry, Madrid Labor Day Committee member Chuck Rigby, Park Board members Dualla Carlson, and Fire Department member Scott Maddux.

Motion by Councilperson Cook, seconded by Councilperson Shaver to approve the agenda for April 2, 2018.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes of March 19, 2018.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve the claims for April 2, 2018 in the amount of $ 81,585.40.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Labor Day Committee member Chuck Rigby reported the committee is close to finalizing a schedule for the annual Labor Day Celebration.

Library Director Angie Strong reported profits from the recent book sale were $441.30. The week of April 9th is National Library week. Plans for the week include Chess Club, Teddy Bear Picnic, Early Out Day-Gross me out, Pinterest, Game Night, Movie Night with the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Friends of the Library have donated door prizes for the event. Strong thanked Kurt Kruse for donating items used during a recent Tinker Time program.

Park Board Member Dualla Carlson advised there will be a Park Board meeting on Tuesday, April 10th at 5:30 in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Fire Chief Jim Murry stated the department is currently undergoing an audit for their Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating. He would like an automatic aid system set up for structure fires. Having such a system with Woodward and Slater would lower the ISO rating for Madrid. A vote on the matter was tabled until the next City Council Meeting on April 16, 2018.

Public Safety Director Rick Tasler reported Officer Mackey and Officer Olmstead recently attended a Constitutional Use of Force Class in Waterloo. Tasler will be attending a similar class on May 21st in Waterloo. Officer Olmstead will complete training to become a “ Use of Force Expert”. All three officers recently attended a CPR training class in conjunction with the Madrid Fire Department. Tasler advised he is currently working with Lexipol on updating the policy manual for the department. Officer Olmstead will be attending training at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy to update his certifications which expired in 2010. Tasler also advised an anonymous donor will be purchasing a bullet proof vest for the department.

Tasler stated he was called out on Saturday night, March 31st to help with an attempted murder suspect who was in Madrid. He said the Madrid Police Department was not included on an email sent out from Boone County Sheriff on the previous Wednesday advising of the warrant information. Tasler hopes to resolve the communication issue going forward.

Tasler commented the department recently acquired a cell phone and the number is being published on the website, and in the Madrid News Register.

The Council considered applications for tax abatement from the following residents. Tiffany Cook/James Morrow for 607 East 2nd Street, Dylan Danielson for 103 West 6th Street, and Dalton Concrete Construction for 501 Milwaukee Street. Motion by Councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Cook to approve the requests for abatement.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

City Clerk Mary Jo Reese advised a letter was received from Ron and Dallas Leitzman concerning their property on North Main Street. The Leitman’s requested an extension until sometime this fall to clean up their property and claim possessions stored in the building. After speaking with John Jordan about the issue, it was decided that Jordan will send a letter to the Leitzman’s advising that they will given no more time, and that the City is proceeding forth through the courts to declare the property abandoned.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Chapman to approve the appointment of Matt Plueger to the Planning and Zoning Board.

Ayes: All Present                                                 Motion Carried
Deputy Clerk Deb Biegger explained a program to the Council being offered by the National League of Cities. The program insures residents water service lines, sewer service lines and interior drains. The Cost of the program is paid by the residents, with no cost to the city. The city will approve the mailings sent to residents and provide a database of customers addresses to NLC. Residents can choose which products to purchase and the City would receive a small amount back in the form of a rebate. NLC handles all other aspects of the program. Motion by councilperson Chapman, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve the program for the City of Madrid.

Ayes: All Present                                                  Motion Carried

Public Works Director Scott Church advised the Council of a tree at Edgewood Park that was damaged during a recent storm. He also asked that the stump of the cottonwood tree that was taken down last year be removed. Lightning struck the cottonwood tree last year and caught on fire. Church feels the stump is a safety hazard at this time. The Council discussed various ways of memorializing the tree. It was decided to leave the issue to the Park Board. Church advised the stump will need to be removed during a planned storm sewer project. Motion by Councilperson Cook, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve removal of the recently damaged tree at the park for $1,350.00 by Wright Tree Service.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Church reported the new speed sign has been installed on Highway 17. It will become operational later in the week. He also reported he is working to obtain someone to do a study on Southern Prairie Drive. Church and some public works employees will be attending an APWA conference in Des Moines.

Church stated is received final estimates from engineering firm on the cost of the second phase of the canal project. The project will be put out for bid statewide. Church plans to camera the storm sewers on West 2nd Street in preparation for phase 2 of the 2nd Street paving project.

City Clerk Reese advised she will be attending training classes April 18th thru April 20th in Des Moines. She also asked that anyone wanting to add to the Council packet, turn in their request by noon on the Thursday before the meeting. This will allow time for her to construct and distribute the packet on that Friday. Reese stated she is waiting to hear from the bonding attorney John Danos regarding the update to the Urban Renewal Plan to change the tax abatement process.

Mayor Pro-Tem Kruse commented on information received from City Attorney John Jordan, stating the ownership lien report has been completed on the Leitzman property. This is the first step in the litigation process.

Councilperson Kruse stated he would be attending the nuisance abatement and dangerous buildings class being offered by Iowa League of Cities. Councilperson Chapman asked that she also be signed up to attend the class.

Councilperson Shaver thanked the Madrid Police Department for their support as the Pony Express Riders of Iowa passed through Madrid. The group raised $240,000 for Camp Sunnyside during the ride.

The Council reviewed correspondence received from ITC regarding a public hearing to provide residents with information on a transmission line being built from the east side of Woodward to the West side of Madrid. This may include acquiring easements from property owners in Madrid. The Public Hearing will be held on May 3, 2018 at the Community Room.

Chuck Rigby of 106 N. Main Street expressed his thanks to Scott Church and the public works employees for cleaning the streets during the recent storm. He also thanked Rick Tasler for “going above and beyond his normal duties in keeping the community safe.”

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Samples to adjourn the City Council Meeting at 6:19 p.m.