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Fiber Optic Internet and TV

The City of Madrid is investigating the idea of bringing fiber optic internet to Madrid.  This would mean faster, more reliable internet and TV.  It would be vital to enticing new businesses to our community.  The first step in this process is to allow Huxley Communications to gauge interest in the process.

We are asking, if you are interested in bringing fiber optics into your home, that you go to and register your interest in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Select the large GET STARTED button at the Huxcomm website.

Step 2: Scroll down below the map and find MADRID under the INTEREST STAGE and click on Interested in Fiber?

Step 3: Key in your house number and zip code and select “SEARCH FOR YOUR ADDRESS”  This brings up a list of all properties that begin with your house number.  Search through the list for your physical address and select CONTINUE.

Step 4: This brings up the interest screen and allows you to log your name and address as well as your current internet and TV providers and also allows you to provide commentary, if you would like.

Once you complete this information, you will be able to submit your interest in fiber optics to Huxley Communications.

The City of Madrid and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce thank you for your interest and support of this project.


Madrid Grant Survey in Process

On June 29th – 30th and July 13th – 14th, the City of Madrid will have a contracted survey crew conducting a survey of residents to obtain information to determine eligibility for the City to apply for grant programs to help with the cost of improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment facilities.

The City desires to apply for grant funds to help finance the construction of improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment plant.  The grant, if approved, would help pay for a portion of the project cost.  A grant, as opposed to a loan, would not have to be paid back by the City.  If the City receives the grant, the total cost of the project will not have to be raised through local taxes, rates increase, or other revenues.  

The survey will involve three questions:

  • Question pertaining to the household’s support for the wastewater treatment facility project
  • Question asking whether the total household income is above or below a set dollar amount depending on family size.
  • Question on the number of people who reside in the household.

The question regarding the income of the household is VERY IMPORTANT and will determine eligibility for the grant programs and are critical to the success of the application.  Program guidelines require this information to be a part of each application.  If the incomes of a majority of individuals in the survey are higher than the median income limits the City will not be eligible for the grant programs.

The surveys are completely CONFIDENTIAL and do need not be signed.  All information is totally anonymous and only the collective summary data is used for reporting purposes.  Listed below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

The cooperation of residents in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.


Q – Who will see the information that is provided during the survey?

A – The survey is completely confidential.  The survey forms do not identify responses by address or name and the survey crew will NOT ask for any names.  Information gathered during the survey is reported as a summary of the whole group of surveys to the City and perspective grant agencies.

Q – Will the survey crew ask me for my income? 

A – No, the survey taker will ask you to identify if your family income is above or below a set number.  They will not ask for a specific income amount.

Q – Do I have to answer the survey?

A – No, however, if you refuse to answer the survey, we have to assume that the household is above the low-to-moderate income limit which can impact the City’s chances at being eligible for grant funding.

Q – Will everyone in town be surveyed?

A – No, the number of surveys needed is calculated based on the number of household units within the survey area (city or target neighborhood) and how many surveys will provide the best representation of the entire area.  The households selected for the survey are then randomly selected based on a ratio.  Using this system, which is required, it is likely that one neighbor may be surveyed and the next may not.

Q – Can we get the survey mailed to us and return to the City instead of having someone come to our door?

A – The preferred method is to obtain surveys in person with the survey crew at the door.  Mailing surveys out and receiving them back voids the anonymity of the respondent and may skew the survey results.

Q – What if I am not home when the survey crew comes to my home?

A – The survey crew will make a minimum of two attempts to contact someone at the household before replacing that home with a substitute home.

Q – How long will the survey take to complete?

A – The time to complete the survey will vary depending on the number of questions on the survey.  Typically, we ask a minimum of three questions up to a maximum of six or seven.  The time to complete the survey takes on average two to three minutes and up to five to six minutes for the longer surveys.

Q – Will the survey crew have identification on them?

A – Yes, the survey crew will have name tags with them that identify them as part of a survey crew operating within the City.

Q – Do I need to let the survey person into my home?

A – No, the survey crew should not need to enter the home and should not ask to do so.  They can take the information they need through the door of the home.

June 15, 2019 Trestle Hustle Duathlon on the High Trestle Trail

History of the Ledges State Park at the Library

Southwest Iowa Flood Relief

Flood Relief for Southwest Iowa

(Click here to print list of needs)

Two months after their initial evacuation many families remain displaced and have uncertainties about whether they will be able to return to their homes. Some clean-up has begun, but much remains under water. They continue to have significant needs and we would like to offer another opportunity to help our “neighbors” out.

The following is a list of current needs:

Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Disposable Cups
Trash Bags – Any Size
Aluminum Foil
Saran Wrap
Zip Lock Baggies
5# Bags of Potatoes

Boxed mixes, such as brownie and cookie mixes, that residents can make for lunches.

Sandwich meats and bread are needed, but must be purchased fresh, so cash donations would be greatly appreciated.

The center has served 100,502 meals as of May 14, 2019 in the two months of displacement.

We will plan on taking these supplies on May 28, 2019. If you could please bring your donations to the Madrid E-Free Church on May 27th between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, we will be there with the trailer. If that does not work as it is a holiday, please call us at (515)460-2469 and we will make arrangements to fit your schedule.

Thank you for your willingness as a community to help out these neighbors with great needs!

Don & Barb Fatka

Madrid Community Endowment Fund Now Accepting Grant Applications

Madrid Community Endowment Fund Now Accepting Grant Applications for 2019

The Madrid Community Endowment Fund Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Grant Applications for 2019 are now being accepted.  The MCEF Board has determined the amount that is available for grants in 2019 is $6,200.  Application forms can be found at  The deadline for Grant applications is April 30, 2019.  The Grants will be awarded at the Madrid Historical Museum on Thursday, June 6 at 7:00 PM.

Grants from the Endowment Fund may be made to organizations as described in Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and units of government and which are consistent with the purposes and mission of MCEF.  As of December 31, 2018, the fund balance was $129,515.  MCEF is authorized to make awards up to 5% of fund balance.  The principal is never touched so the funds keep growing and your gift will keep on giving forever.

Since the MCEF’s inception in 2004 through the awards of 2018, MCEF has been able to make over $68,000 in Grants to the local community.  The purpose of the Madrid Community Endowment Fund is to assist in providing resources for a broad range of existing and future charitable needs throughout the Madrid, Iowa area.  The “Madrid, Iowa Area” shall be defined as the area encompassed by the 50156 area zip code.  The Madrid Community Endowment Fund is an affiliate fund of the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, which administers our fund and over 500 others.

Thank you for your past support and donations and we hope you will consider additional support of the endowment fund in the future.  Donations can be sent to Madrid Community Endowment Fund, P.O. Box 1, Madrid, IA 50156 or on-line at

If you have any questions about the application form or eligibility, please call Ray Ortmann, 515-291-3577.

Pony Express Riders – Saturday, April 20, 2019

On April 20 more than 300 riders on horseback from across the state of Iowa will deliver donations to Easterseals Iowa Camp Sunnyside. In its 50-year history the group has donated more than $10 million to support Easterseals Iowa and Camp Sunnyside. The community is invited to welcome the riders into Camp Sunnyside at 3 p.m

Construction is taking place on the 2nd Avenue overpass west of Camp Sunnyside. You will not be able to access the 66th Avenue exit and entrance ramps during this time. Instead you will need to access Camp Sunnyside from the East on 66th Avenue.

Rider’s will be heading into Madrid around 10:30 AM from the North side of town stopping at Councilman Shaver’s house for a luncheon before leaving and heading to Camp Sunnyside.

MBDA’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt-Saturday, April 20

MBDA’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM in Edgewood Park.

This event is free to the community for kids ages 0-8! The Easter Bunny will be there starting at 12:30 to take pictures with your kids so bring your cameras!

There will be prize winning eggs for each age group so we suggest you open your eggs at the park!  Egg recycling tubs will be available on site.

**Parents are responsible for checking all items acquired from the event for allergens, and/or choking hazards. By attending and participating in this event, you are absolving MBDA and it’s members of any responsibility in the event you or a child is injured or harmed inadvertently.***

Fire Department Training Burn Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Madrid Volunteer Fire Department, along with the Slater and Woodward Fire Departments will be participating in a practice/training burn around the area of the City Brush dump.  Please do not be alarmed and the fire department request that you please not drive in the area of the burn as it will be full of firefighters and quite congested.  Thank you!

City Job Vacancies

The City of Madrid has two open positions available.  You can find the job descriptions for the two positions listed below and click here for an Application for Employment

Full-Time Park Maintenance Worker (open until 5:00pm May 10, 2019)

Part-Time Seasonal Public Works Utility Worker (open until 5:00pm May 3, 2019) This part-time position will start May 13, 2019 and end September 13, 2019 and will be compensated at rate of $12.50 per hour.