Boone County Landfill Property Demolition Requirements



There seems to be an abundance of buildings, including mobile homes, being torn down lately and Boone County residents are not following the rules for the Boone County Landfill regarding their disposal. Today there are very strict regulations in the handling of asbestos containing material, which can be found in demolition debris.

The Boone County Landfill is regulated by many different entities, some of which are the Iowa DNR, the EPA and OSHA.  These regulations ensure the health and well-being of our employees and our customers which is foremost in our minds.

With these demolitions, we most often see asbestos containing material in slate roofing or siding, pipe wrap, old floor and ceiling tiles, in addition to other items.

The Boone County Landfill (BCL) REQUIRES documentation from a person properly trained AND certified in asbestos removal that there either was no asbestos in the demolition debris or that all asbestos containing materials have been properly removed from the demolished property debris before we accept any buildings (including mobile homes) that have been torn down, regardless of whether it’s commercial or residential.

All facility demolitions require the submission of a demolition notification form to the DNR – even if no asbestos is found.

If a building has been torn down and no asbestos testing has been done on it, the entire building will have to be brought in as asbestos containing material.  The fees for asbestos containing material brought to the Boone County Landfill ARE THREE TIMES that of regular garbage because of the special handling involved.

You may have heard that a family demolishing their own house to rebuild or remodel is exempt.  That may be true for Iowa DNR regulations, but it is not true for other applications and it is a Boone County Landfill requirement to have it tested for asbestos and have written proof it has been taken care of properly.

Check our site on the or give us a call at (515) 433-0591 for further regulations on the handling of asbestos.

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