Behavior Policy

The staff and the Trustees of the Library are responsible for determining the rules of behavior necessary to protect all library users’ access to the library and to its materials, to ensure the safety of library users and staff, and to protect the library’s resources and facility from damage.  To maintain an atmosphere appropriate for work, study, and enjoyment, the following behavioral policy at the Madrid Public Library applies to both interior and exterior library property has been established.  The policy will be courteously, but firmly enforced by library staff.

Examples of appropriate library behavior: browsing for materials, reading, thinking, quiet conversations, homework, attendance of a library program and research.  Library computers are to be used quietly, so as not to disturb other patrons.

Examples of inappropriate library behavior: running, throwing, loud or abusive talking, moving furniture, putting feet on furniture, loitering, gambling, inappropriate public displays of affection, excessive socializing, proselytizing (religious persuasion), soliciting, selling, distributing leaflets, use of tobacco products, weapons or any dangerous objects of any kind, and other activities which disrupt the library.  Any illegal activities including vandalism will not be tolerated.  A written list of inappropriate behaviors and their consequences are posted in the library.

Disruptive behavior: is defined as noisy, boisterous or acting-out behavior which is inappropriate in a library setting.  This behavior may represent a physical danger to people or property, or may interfere with the legitimate library business or other users or staff.

Patrons who are behaving inappropriately or disruptively will be warned that the behavior must stop.  In most cases, several verbal warnings will be issued to any person or group that violates the rules.  Any further warnings will result in expulsion from the library and its grounds.  However, no warning is required, if in the judgment of the library staff, the behavior in question (a) violates federal, state, county or municipal laws, or (b) poses an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of other library users or staff.  A written letter will be sent to an individual and or the parents/guardian if the person in question has been expelled from the library grounds for more than one week.

Library employees are authorized to enforce these rules.  The library reserves the right to revoke or restrict library privileges of a patron for behavior contrary to these rules or regulations.  In cases where voluntary compliance is not adhered to, the police may be called for assistance.  Habitual abusers of library rules may be banned from the premises for a period ranging from one day to three months.  A minor (anyone under 18 years of age) who creates chronic problems may be required, for up to three months, to bring a responsible adult who will remain with him or her in the library.

Revised & adopted:  February 12, 2008; January 11, 2011; May 14, 2013; September, 2015; September 11, 2018