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MPD Blotter October 8 – October 14, 2018


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference damage to a work trailer.  Owner just wanted to make the Officers aware in case there was other damages reported.  Appears to be an isolated incident caused by children in the area.

Officer spoke to an owner of Madrid Service Center who turned in a bad check.  Officer spoke to the Madrid resident that write the check and will be meeting them this week.

Officer was dispatched to the 600 Block of West 5th for an unwanted subject.  Male was a passenger in a vehicle parked on the public roadway.  Officer stood by while the driver got some property from a residence and they left.

Officer assisted Boone Hospital and Madrid rescue regarding a medical call.

Officer was dispatched to a driver whom was seen speeding and passing in town.  Officer was able to locate the vehicle, however, it was unoccupied and the driver was not located.

Officer was notified of severe weather in the area.  Officer spoke to several juveniles at Edgewood Park playing soccer and advised for them to seek shelter.  Officer spoke to school staff as there were extracurricular activities taking place at the Highschool.  Officer was notified everyone inside the school were taken into a safe shelter on location.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding a past report of damage to property.


Officer filled a records request that was received.

Officer performed a funeral escort.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident, about a subject going door to door selling steaks.  Officer located the subject at Highway 210 and County Line Road.  Officer explained the venders license permit and told them to stop into City Hall and fill out all paperwork before they returned.  Subjects stated that they would give their boss all the info and get it done.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related back-ground check.

Officer responded to the 200 block of S. Greene Street regarding a noise complaint of a neighbor banging on the ceiling of their apartment disturbing another resident.  Officer advised both parties and the subjects agreed to be quiet for each other.

Officer provided video for a past case to be sent to the Courts.

Officer was called back to the 200 block of S. Greene Street regarding a loud stereo.  It was determined a resident was watching a movie and agreed to turn the television down.


Officer assisted Madrid Rescue/Boone Co. Ambulance with a medical call in the 800 block of S. State St.

Officer assisted Madrid Rescue/Boone Co. Ambulance with a medical call in the 500 block of W. Second St.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 block of W. 4th Street reference theft of a trailer.  The vehicle had left the area prior to officer arrival. Boone Dispatch was requested to broadcast the vehicle and trailer description via radio.  Story County Deputies located the vehicle and stolen trailer a short time later.  The driver was arrested for multiple charges out of Story County. The passenger, Ronald Metivier of State Center, was taken into custody for theft by Madrid Police and transported to jail.  Warrants will also be issued for the driver for the theft in Madrid.  The trailer was recovered and returned to the owner.

Officer located a package near the elementary school that belonged to a resident on the South side of town.  Officer made contact with the owner to pick up the property at the Police Dept.

Officer unlocked a vehicle for a resident in the 200 block of Maple Ridge Dr.

Officer responded to the 100 block of W. 22nd street reference a resident whom locked herself outside of her residence.  Officer was able to unlock the residence for the subject.

Officer was dispatched to a welfare check in the 900 block of S. Kennedy.  Officer made contact with the subject and checked OK.


Officer was dispatched to Dollar General for a vehicle that was parked in the parking lot for a week.  Officer informed the Manager that since it was on private property and that they gave them permission to park the vehicle there, that they would have to tow it.

Officers followed up on a call in the 200 Block of East 21st Street.

Officer assisted Boone Co. Ambulance at Casey’s with a non-emergent medical call.

Officer received a report of a reckless driver on Hwy 17 northbound.  Officer checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 300 Block of North Union Street.

Officer assisted a tow company in the 100 Block of East 3rd Street, with traffic control.

Officer was contacted by Perry PD to assist with locating a subject that was supposed to be staying in town, that they needed to contact reference a criminal case.  Officer was unable to locate the subject.

Officer met with a DCI Agent and exchanged information on an on-going case.

Officer was dispatched to a welfare check on Newton Road.  Everything checked out OK.

Officer spoke with a man reference a several issues involving his ex-wife/ child custody. Officer assisted in helping the two get things resolved.


Officer distributed posters for the Upcoming DEA Drug Take Back Program.

***REMINDER*** Drug Take Back at Madrid Police Dept. Saturday, October 27th from 10a.m. – 2p.m. You can bring your outdated, extra, unused or unwanted medications to the Madrid Police Department to drop off and dispose of properly.  Please note, needles and aerosol or compressed containers are not accepted.

Officer responded to a medical call regarding a subject falling off a bicycle in the 400 block of S. Main Street.

Officer responded to the 600 block of N. Kennedy for a report of a possible theft.


Officer was requested to do a welfare check on a resident in the 400 block of Fairview Drive.  Resident was fine.

Officer spoke to a resident in the 500 block of S. Market St. about neighbor’s dog running loose.

Officer took a complaint of unwanted communications. Officer contacted the other party to try and give her a trespass and harassment warning, however she did not let the officer speak and abruptly hung up.

Officer assisted medical with a call.

Officer found a dog at large, the owner showed up shortly after to pick it up.

Public Input Needed on Boards & Commission Ordinance Updates

The Mayor and the Madrid City Council are in the process of updating and reestablishing ordinances with regard to boards and commissions.  Section 2-2-9 (below) is from our current Madrid Code of Ordinances and the additional chapters were deleted from the Madrid Code of Ordinances in the June, 2018 codification by the previous Mayor/Council.  We intend to reestablish the specifics of the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Park Board, and the Labor Day Commission.  We are interested in your thoughts on how these ordinances might be structured.

We will be accepting initial public input through 12:00 pm on October 22, 2018.  Public input can be made through e-mail to or by sending a letter to City Hall at: 304 S Water Street, Madrid, IA 50156.

Once a “final draft” is assembled, it will proceed through the normal process for ordinances with public hearings.

2-2-9 Current Madrid Boards and Commission Ordinance

Chapter 23 Former Planning & Zoning Commission Ordinance

Chapter 24 Former Parks & Recreation Board Ordinance

Chapter 25 Former Labor Day Commission Ordinance


Drug Drop-Off Day at the Madrid Police Dept

Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the Madrid Police Department will be accepting your expired and unused medications.  Please visit or contact the Madrid Police Department at (515) 795-3113 for more information.

Council Agenda – October 15, 2018

Council Agenda – October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018 Council Packet

October 15, 2018 Council Packet

Make-up Labor Day Parade Route

The following streets will be closed on October 20, 2018 from 8:00AM to 11:00AM (or the conclusion of the parade) to facilitate the make-up Labor Day Parade during Fall Fest at Edgewood Park.


Dalander St will be closed between North Street and E 2nd Street.

E. Second St will be closed between Dalander St and S. State St.

S. State St will be closed from E 2nd St and E 3rd St.

E 3rd St will be closed from S. State St to S. Main St.

S. Main St will be closed from E 3rd St to Leo Bimbi Parkway (Edgewood Park Entrance).


Fall Fest & “Make Up” Labor Day Parade

Madrid Parks & Recreation will be hosting a Fall Fest at Edgewood Park on October 20, 2018 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.  A sand-volleyball tournament will begin at 12:00pm, pony rides, inflatables, lip-sync battle, a pumpkin-carving contest and other events will also be held.

In addition, our beloved annual Labor Day Parade will be made up during this festival so look to the Madrid Labor Day Celebration or Fall Fest at Edgewood Park facebook pages for details.

City Council Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2018

Click here to download and print minutes

Madrid City Council
Regular Meeting
September 17, 2018
5:30 p.m.

The City Council meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Tom Brown.

Present at Roll Call: Nate Samples, Steve Burich and Lane Shaver.

Other City Officials Present: City Clerk Mary Jo Reese, Public Safety Director Rick Tasler, Library Director Angie Strong, Fire Chief Jim Murry, Planning and Zoning Commission Chairperson, Randy Dalton and Parks and Recreation Board Member Jolynn Carlson.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Samples to approve the agenda for September 17, 2018.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

There were no declarations of conflict by the Councilmembers.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Burich to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes of September 4, 2018 and the Library Meeting Minutes of August 14, 2018.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Burich, seconded by Councilperson Shaver to approve the claims for September 17, 2018 in the amount of $ 83,431.08.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Mason Adams and David Stevenson of Alliant Energy addressed the Council and Citizens to answer questions regarding the recent spike of some customers electric bills. They explained that many high bills were the result of higher daytime and nighttime temperatures compared to previous years. Some issues could revolve around estimates that were too low one month, causing higher bills the following month. Alliant energy is in the process of installing smart meters that can be read electronically each month. Adams also passed around a log which concerned citizens could sign to receive a phone call from an Alliant Energy representative regarding their individual billing situations.

Martha Furness of 609 West 5th Street, and representing The Cedars retirement home, approached the Council to invite the mayor and area business owners to a live event on Wednesday September 26, at 9:00 with KWBG radio station at the Cedars. Furness reports SAM center and school information on KWBG.

Becky Roorda of 804 West 2nd Street and member of the Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce advised of the upcoming candidates forum to be held at 7:00 on Tuesday September 18th at the E-Free Church. The forum will give members of the community an opportunity to meet and question candidates for City Council who are on the ballot for the special election on September 25th.

Roorda also advised the Council that MAC is currently looking for Community Development Specialist. The deadline for applying for the position is October 15th. More information is available at the website and also in the Madrid Register News.

Roorda reported MAC is currently working on the Holiday Extravaganza to be held on December 3rd, and there will be a Madrid After Five event at the Madrid Family Practice Clinic form 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Brown advised the Council of upcoming Public Works projects including the East 6th Street Paving project, painting will be completed on the water tower, crosswalks are being painted, a tree near the elementary school has been trimmed to allow the street light to function properly and curb replacement work will be done during the upcoming week on West 2nd Street.

Councilperson Samples commented a tree scheduled to be removed on Cedar Street was postponed due to a funeral service being held during that time. The removal will be rescheduled for a later date.

Councilperson Samples reported for Labor Day Commission chairperson Chuck Rigby and thanked everyone who helped with the tractor pull held on Saturday the 15th. The pull was rescheduled after being rained out during Labor Day Weekend. He also thanked the City of Madrid and Rankin Construction for the use of the land for the event.

Mayor Brown read Ordinance # 483, “An Ordinance Amending the City Code of the City of Madrid, Iowa, by Changing Title V, Human Development-Education and Culture, Chapter 1, Library Services, Subsection 5-1-4, Organization of the Board, Paragraph 2, Vacancies” The Ordinance sets a public hearing for October 1, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Burich to approve the first reading and setting of the public hearing date.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Library Director Angie Strong reported a profit from the fall book sale of $924.00. The library received $830.00 from the Lowery Trust. The money will be used to purchase two Occulus Go headsets. The headsets will be used for special programming. Strong reported 84 people attended the Labor Day movie night. The library recently hired Martha Peterson as a part time library aide. Strong advised the annual library survey is her priority; she hopes to have an annual report ready for the Council at the second City Council Meeting in October. Discussion regarding the no book fines concept at the library is still ongoing. The library plans to begin programming inside the preschool classroom this fall. Upcoming programs include “Pages for All Ages”, early out lego crew program, book discussion, adult coloring the next early out will be “Tinker Time”.

Jolynne Carlson of the Park Board reported items from the last park board meeting. There has been some concern about the condition of the sidewalks within Edgewood Park. An assessment of the sidewalks has been completed. She reported St. Paul’s Church will be donating a portion of the money raised from the Labor Day food booth to the Cabin Fund. She also stated she plans to have a formal dedication of the veteran’s memorial bench that was recently placed at Cassel Corner Park. She also plans to take an inventory of all the memorial tables and benches in town and record which ones need their dedication plates replaced. Carlson asked for approval to have a Fall Fest Day at Edgewood Park on October 20th. The event would raise money for the cabin. The Council will vote on the matter at the next Council meeting.

Motion by Councilperson Samples, seconded by Councilperson Shaver to approve Resolution #12-18-19, Resolution to Appoint a Member and Alternate Member to the Polk County 911 Service Board. The resolution names Jim Murry as member and Rick Tasler as alternate member to the board.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Fire Chief Jim Murry advised the fire engine and rescue truck have been repaired. He is still waiting on an estimate to repair the tanker truck. Murry has been in contact with the Nevada Fire Chief who makes presentations to Councils about working more closely with fire departments. Murry is working on a campaign that would place fire extinguishers in all homes in Madrid. Scott Maddux approached the council to thank the Slater Fire Department for the use of their grill during the tractor pull which was held on September 15th.

Public Safety Director Rick Tasler advised the smoke alarm campaign is continuing, with smoke detectors being given to new residents of Madrid. Tasler reported the tornado siren located behind Pancho Villa restaurant is not functioning. Tasler expects to have the siren repaired sometime this week.

Tasler informed the Council the Boone County Attorney is refusing to work with him, or any members of his department. Tasler would like to see the Council address a letter to Mr. Kolacia asking him to do his elected job duties. City Attorney John Flynn advised he has been told in person and through email that Mr. Kolacia will not deal directly with the Madrid Police Department. Communication of any type will be sent through the city attorney. Tasler has instructed his police officers to not follow Kolacia’s directive. They will still send all correspondence directly to Kolacia, as well as John Flynn. Flynn said Iowa Code Chapter 331 spells out the duties of an elected County Attorney. Councilmembers stated this situation is not acceptable and asked Flynn to issue a formal response to Kolacia informing him of that decision.

Randy Dalton of the Planning and Zoning Commission reported the board recommends changing the zoning of the proposed Tiger Run development land from Agricultural to Residential. The board also gave a variance to build a porch that does not conform to current city code.

The Council considered a proposal from J & D Computers for a contract to update the computer networks within the City. Councilperson Samples stated the company being considered has a high level security clearance with the U.S. Postal service. He proposes to replace all computers, install network and enterprise servers, and security systems. The cost to update the entire system is $32,762.52. Mayor Brown advised there have been security breaches on some of the computers and feels the city is under active attack. J & D Computers has already shut down some dangerous portals to eliminate further attack. There have been continued security breaches since those portals were shut down. He said this is an emergency situation that needs to be resolved immediately. Several members of the audience questioned if criminal charges would be brought against the person or persons responsible for the breaches. Mayor Brown assured them that if it could be determined who those individuals or groups were, that yes, criminal charges would be brought. Cyber attacks can come from anywhere in the world. The annual agreement for maintenance will be around $250 per month. Motion by Councilperson Samples, seconded by Councilperson Burich to approve the proposal and payment of invoice from J & D Computers.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Burich to approve Resolution # 13-18-19, “City Street Finance Report”.

Ayes: All Present                                                                 Motion Carried

John Flynn advised he has a contract to be signed by Kumari Henry of Tormented Souls Haunt. Henry asked to use the parking lots at Edgewood Park as parking for her event. Henry must provide a fee of $100.00 and provide proof of liability of one million dollars and sign the contract.

Councilperson Samples informed the public of his attendance at a recent Iowa League of Cities function. He hopes to share information he received at the sessions with the public in the future.

Mayor Brown advised of an upcoming closed session meeting that is scheduled for September 26th at 7:00. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss an employment matter.

Randy Dalton clarified the matter of rezoning, indicating the necessary steps need to be taken to rezone the proposed Tiger Run area from Agricultural to Residential.

Jerry Walsh of 412 W. 2nd Street and president of the Madrid Lions Club, reported a great success with the chicken barbeque over the Labor Day Weekends. He thanked the City of Madrid for the cooperation of the public works department in assisting with the preparation of the area used by the event.

Scott Maddux of 306 East 9th Street thanked Rick Tasler and the Madrid Police Department for participating in a welcome home event for returning servicemen.

The Mayor also commented on the recent League of Cities events in Cedar Rapids. He will be sharing information with the rest of the Council and the public.

Motion by Councilperson Shaver, seconded by Councilperson Burich at 7:25 p.m.

Dalander Prairie Prescription Fire Program at the Library

Beggar’s Night

Beggar’s Night will be held Tuesday, October 30th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.