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History & Location:

B. Cassel Cemetery is located 1/4 mile West of Madrid. The cemetery is a 1 acre plot and was founded by the Cassel family. The West half of the cemetery was given to the Madrid Home for any resident that died and had no family or a place to be buried.

E. Dalander Cemetery is located 2.5 miles Northwest of Madrid. The cemetery was found in the late 1840's by the Dalendar Family. The cemetery was used by the early scandanavian settlers. Most of the original settlers to Madrid are buried there.

Elk Rapids Cemetery is locted 2 miles West of Madrid. The cemertery was founded in 1847 and used by the Elk Rapids settlers along the Des Moines River. The cemertery was closed in 1912 and half the cemertery was moved because of the Milwaukee Railroad was coming through. In 1973 the remaining graves were moved to Dalendar Cemertery because of Saylorville Resorvoir.

D. Fairview Cemetery is located about one and a half miles North of Madrid.
The Fairview Cemetery was founded by Sam Luther and was originally a private cemetery for the Luther family but in later years was open to the general public but with a section still devoted to the Luther family.
On May 24, 2008, Fairview Cemetery was formally dedicated by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, VFW, AMVETS, BSA and volunteers, along with loyal group of historians to remeber the sacrifies paid by the Civil War Veterans interred here.
For more information on the cemetery please contact the sexton Lyn Harris at 515-795-2023

G. Garden Prairie Cemetery is located 7.3 miles Norteast of Madrid

F. Hillsdale Cemetery is located 1.25 miles East of Madrid was established in 1878 as the East Cemetery Association of the Evangelical Luteran Congregation of Swede Point. In 1897 the name was changed to Hilldale Cemetery.

J. Old Hopkins Grove Cemetery is located 6 miles Southeast of Madrid was founded between 1850-60 by the Hopkins & Allen families and mainly family & friends are buried there.

A. Hopkins Grove United Bretheren Cemetery is located 5 miles Southeast of Madrid was founded in 1850 in conjunction with the Hopkins Grove U B Church. The cemetery has been used by church members and neighbors living in the area.

H. Hull Cemetery is located Nortwest of Madrid. The cemetery was formed between 1850-60 by the Hull family and still used by the family today

I. James Gildea Cemetery is located 10.5 miles Nortwest of Madrid

C. Mt Hope Cemetery is located South of Madrid was first used in 1870s and in 1901 was incorpated by a women group the M C Club. In 1921 it was reorganized again and since has been a public cemetery for the Madrid community.

Rose Hill/Clark Cemetery - about 5 miles East of Luther and 1mile South.

The Madrid Historical Museum may have additional information - MAP

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