Welcome to Madrid, Iowa

Community Pride - - a Sign of Progress!

Madrid City Hall
304 South Water St.
Madrid, IA 50156
phone: 515-795-3930
fax: 515-795-2333


Online Payments
ACH Direct Debit Enrollment Form
Water, Sewer, and Garbage
Participants in the direct debit program MUST complete the attached form and drop it off with a voided check to City Hall.
Madrid's City Council: Appointed City Positions:
Mayor Dirk Ringgenberg

Ward 1 Steve Burich - Public Safety

Ward 2 Kurt Kruse - Utilities

Ward 3 Val Chapman - Policy
Councilpersons At-Large

Lane Shaver - Mayor Pro-tem/Finance

Dave Cook - Streets

Rhonda Bingman and Mary Holmes - 2017 Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce "Volunteers of the Year" presenting the award Don Lincoln - Picture by Denny Wilcox

City Clerk Mary Jo Reese

Deputy City Clerk – Deb Biegger

Public Works & Park Director Scott Church

Madrid Public Librarian Angie Strong
Public Safety Director/Police Chief Richard Tasler Fire Chief Jim Murry
Attorney Mike Mahoney Attorney John Jordan
Treasurer Donald Fatka  

Council Minutes

A valid cell phone number capable of receiving is required to sign up for "MADTAP".
Register your name and cell phone number below.

Contact Phone Numbers
Emergency - 911 (Emergency Use ONLY)
Non Emergency - 515-433-0527 (Crime Reporting/Assistance)
Madrid Police Department - 515-795-3113 (Answering Machine - will return your call within 24 hrs)
Scott Church - Public Works & Park Director (515) 230-1042 (cell) City Shop 795-2412.
Post Office - 795-2561
Public Library: 795-3846

Alliant Energy - 800-255-4268
Black Hills Energy - 888-890-554 (800-694-8989 Emergency)
Boone County Humane Society - 765-485-8888 or 877-473-6722
Iowatelecom/Windstream - 611 or 877-901-4692
Mediacom - 866-755-2225
Walters Sanitary - 515-432-2866
City & Local Organizations Meeting Dates:
Narcotics Anonymous: 515-244-2277
Battered Women's Support Group - 1-800-203-3488

Senior Assoc. of Madrid: Mon - Fri , 9:30AM to 3:30PM (Mon-Fri)
City Council Meeting - 5:30PM @ City Hall (1st & 3rd Mon)
Madrid School Board
- 5:00PM @ Admin Building (2nd Mon) (Agenda)

Madrid Public Library
Adult Book Discussion Group - 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM — Library (3rd Mon)

Madrid AA - 7:00PM @ Madrid Home (non-smoking) (Tues)
SHARE- 5:00-6:00PM @ SAM Center (237 State St. Madrid) - call 515-298-0049 (1st Tues/full week)
SHARE - Delivery Truck: 8-8:30AM pickup @ SAM Center (237 State St. Madrid) (Usually 4th Sat)
Madrid Lions Club - 6:30PMl @ Madrid Home (1st & 3rd Tues) Board Meeting (3rd Tue)
Legion Post 341 - 7:00PM @ Legion Hall (1st Tues)
VFW - 7:00PM @ VFW Hall (2nd Tues)
VFW Aux. - 6:30PM @ Aux. Hall (2nd Tues)

Park & Rec Board - 5:30PM @ Council Room (2nd Tues)

Madrid Public Library Board meeting - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Library Meeting room (2nd Tues)
Madrid Public Library - Peaceful Pages Adult Coloring Program - 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM — Library (3rd Tue)

Madrid Area Chamber of Commerce (MAC) - 7:00AM @ The Cedars (1st & 3rd Wed)
Alzheimer's & Dementia Caregiver Support Group - Noon-1:30PM @ The Cedars - RSVP Call 795-3007 (lunch provided) (1st Wed)

AMVETS POST 210 - 7:00PM @ Legion Hall (3rd Wed)

Planning & Zoning - 6:30PM @ City Hall (2nd Thurs)
Swede Point Questers - 7:00PM @ The Cedars
(2nd Thurs)
Madrid Public Library - Pinterest Party - 7:00 PM to 08:00 PM — Library
(2nd Thurs)

Starlodge 115 - 7:00PM @ Masonic Temple (2nd Wed)
Friends of the Boone County Trail - 6:30PM @ Community Rm.(1st Thur)
HTT Steering Committee - 9:00AM @ Synder Assoc. Ankeny (2nd Fri)

Madrid Public Library
Monthly Movie Night -7:00 PM to 9:00 PM — Library (2nd Sat)

Madrid Historical Museum-10AM to Noon @ Museum (Saturdays) Board Meeting (3rd Sat)
Boone County Information : Website
Boone County Voting & election INFORMATION
Boone County Transportation Service - Call 795-3007 or 432-5038
Boone County Superviors: Every Tuesday @ 8:30pm (one Board member will be available every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00am to 11:00am) 433-0500
Boone Area Breast Cancer Support Group: @ 7:00pm - Boone Hospital (1st Mon)
Boone County Genealogical Society:@ 7:30pm - Boone County Historical Center (4th Tues)
Boone County Auditor: 433-0502
Boone County Driver License: 433-0522
Boone Humane Society: 432-6112 - After Hours - 298-0124
Boone County Landfill: 433-0591
Boone County Household Hazardous Waste Facility - 433-0591
Boone County Prevention & Community Services: 432-7995
Boone County Extension: 432-3882

Boone County Hospital & Community Programs & Services:
Anticoagulation Management Service (Mon, Tues & Thurs)- 432-2335
Beckwith Family Adult Day Service (Mon thru Fri)- 432-2775
Blood Pressure Checks(Every Fri - 8AM to Noon)
Madrid Family Clinic (Mon, Wed & Fri 8 to 9AM)
Boone Community Blood Drive call 800-287-4903
Car Seat Safety Checks - 2nd Tue 4-8PM - 433-8196
Caregivers Support Group - @ Westhaven Chapel - 432-2275 or 433-7836 (1st Tue)
Cancer Early Detection - low income & unisured women 50 to 64 call 432-1127
CPR Classes - 433-8190
Diabetes Ed. Classes - 433-8624 (2nd Thurs)
Diabetes Support Group - 4PM 4th Floor @ BCH (3rd Thurs)
First Aid Classes - 433-8190 Home Care Service - 432-1127
Hospice Rooms - 433-8264
Lab Wellness Profiles - 6:30 to 10:30 AM Everyday - 433-8170
Living with Cancer 6:30PM 1st Floor call 241-4234 ext.8300 (3rd Tue)
Nutrition Programs (Home Deliveries & Congregate Meals) - 432-1127
Outpatient Nutritional Services - 433-8624
Pain Management Support Group - 515-212-1594 @ BCH 3rd floor
SHIIIP - 432-1127 (advice on Medicare Drug Plans)
Vestibular Rehab - 432-7729
Volunteer Aux. - 433-8139

2016 Water Quality Report - CLICK HERE

the City of Madrid will be closing 2nd St between Water and State St for street repairs.

Open Burning:
-Sept 16-Nov 12 2017 - Burning may take place from sunrise to sunset. All fires must be extinguished at sunset. Citizens cannot burn on streets; sidewalks; or alleyways

Yard Waste ONLY

Fall Yard Waste Days - is April 15-May 3, 20171 - Spring Yard & Waste days!! Boone County Landfill *FREE OF CHARGE* residential yard waste! - @ Boone County Landfill

Fire Hydrant Flushing - was April 17- April 28, 2017 - Customers many experience discoloration in their water but the water is safe to drink

New Garbage Pickup Policy: (1/2016) All garbage must be placed inside a Walters Sanitary issued container. Due to the recent trash pickup policy changes customers requesting an additional container will only be charged $5.00 (on their Water Bills) contact City Hall. A 96 gallon bin for recycling can be rented from Walter’s Sanitary for $1.00 a month.

Public Notice - Parking in front of City Hall is limited to 15 minutes
Public Notice - Construction Work in Madrid - Building permits are required for much of the construction work done on a home or garage in Madrid.
Permits are needed on sheds larger then 100 square feet.
The best rule of thumb..is contact the Safe Builder or City Hall.

Boone County Snow Ordinance

Public Notice: Annual Dog and Cat Licenses at City Hall (proof of shots needed) $5.00 fee

Snow Removal: Boone County Snow Removal Ordinance - After a snowfall, snow removal starts between the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm with paved roads first, followed by hard surfaces and gravel. When conditions deem necessary, crews will be out from 5:00am till dark. Paved roads will be sanded during regular working hours. Full Ordinance

Lawn Mowing Requirements: Maintaining Lawns and Weed Control The City of Madrid, in accordance with Ordinance #317 and the Municipal Code of Ordinances, Chapter 50 "Nuisance Abatement", has the authority to require property owners to maintain grass and weed growth to a maximum height of eight inches. This requirement applies to tenants and property owners alike and applies to both private property and public property referred to as "city parking" or" city terracing" maintained by the tenant or property owner. Tenants or property owners who do not maintain their properties as described will be sent a compliance request letter and afforded a five day time period to comply with the requirement. If compliance is not made, the city may abate the nuisance at a rate of $70.00 an hour with a two hour minimum charge or contract the work out to an independent contractor - which ever it prefers. Tenants and property owners will be sent a nuisance abatement letter just once a calendar year but will be obligated to maintain the property throughout the calendar year without future notices. Property maintenance and community beautification requires the efforts of everyone living within the community. If you know of a property that is not being mowed in accordance with these stipulations, please contact City Hall and we will take the steps necessary to obtain compliance. Todd D. Kilzer City Administrator/Clerk Public Works Director

Discharging of Grass/Weeds into the Street is Illegal

2016 Weed Notice for Boone County - Group 1 - May 20 to June 5 2016, Group 2 - June 1 to June 16, 2016 & Group 3 July 1 to July 15, 2016
Boone County Weed Notice (Iowa Code 317): Each owner and each person in possession or control of any lands in Boone County shall cut, burn or otherwise destroy all noxious weeds.Contact Boone County's Weed Commissioner for complete details of the ordinance.
Group 1: Leafy Spruge, Hoary Cress, Sour Dock, Smooth Dock, Red Sorrel & Musk Thistle
Group 2: Canada Thistle, Russian Knapweed, Buckhorn Plantain & Wild Mustard
Group 3: Field Bindweed, Wild Carrot, Horsenettle, Perennial Sowthistle, Quackgrass, Puncturevine, Bull Thistle, Cocklebur, Wild Sunflower, Miltiflora Rose, Poison Hemlock, Velvetleaf, Tall Thistle & Teasel
Boone County Website: For addition Notices and Information http://www.co.boone.ia.us/

The original MadridIowa website started by Chris Davis & Todd Kilzer in 1998


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